5 April 2014

Illustration Friday: Survival

I always like to see a small plant growing between tiles or in places where everything is made of concrete. It shows that nature survives everywhere!

24 March 2014

Illustration Friday: Red

I am trying some new things with watercolor... 
It is so nice to do.

Wish you a nice spring week!

22 March 2014


These lovely birds arrived some days ago from Germany. 
They are painted by Maike. You can visit her inspiring blog here

15 March 2014


Today I finished the last necklaces and the wrapping. Now I am going to get back to watercolor painting again.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

4 March 2014


Just finished my necklaces. Which one do you prefer?

2 March 2014

Work in progress...

 I am working on necklaces made of wood, acrylic paint and paper cuts from magazines.

9 February 2014


I went out for a walk this morning but the rain and heavy wind sent me home quickly. I checked the IF topic of this week and it is: prehistoric. Not a topic that inspires me particulary... But these may be dinosaur-eggs???

2 February 2014

Mass production :-)

I have neve crocheted as much in my life as the last few weeks. With two friends we have made these and even more... We are going to sell them at a local charity fair.

27 January 2014