21 September 2014

IF: Novelty

Autumn is about to begin. Mushrooms pop up everywhere.
I really like this season. What about you?

8 September 2014

IF: Radio

A tent is a good place to hide, rest and listen to the radio...

30 August 2014

Colours and patterns

I made to small paintings, just to play with colours and patterns. The bored man with laptop is based on a photo I saw in a magazine.

Have a nice weekend!

19 July 2014

Illustration Friday: Invisible

Our thoughts and feelings are invisible from the outside. When we see someone we often have an idea or a judgement, but in fact we don't have a clue what's going on on the inside.

14 June 2014

IF: Mask

She had seven masks to choose from. Each with its own mood.
Wich one would you like to wear today?

11 June 2014


In the fields around my house there are a lot of hares. Especially in the evening you see them jumping away from the street into the grass. They are really beautiful and I decided to paint one a long time ago. I finally did!


Painting outside :-)

26 May 2014

Illustration Friday: Universe

It is camping that brings you closest to the universe!

Enjoy your week!

23 April 2014

Spring flowers

I didn't have a lot of time to paint these last days, unfortunately... But I enjoyed painting these fantasy spring flowers! 

5 April 2014

Illustration Friday: Survival

I always like to see a small plant growing between tiles or in places where everything is made of concrete. It shows that nature survives everywhere!

24 March 2014

Illustration Friday: Red

I am trying some new things with watercolor... 
It is so nice to do.

Wish you a nice spring week!